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Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits (Psalms 103 1-2).
     It is already December and the year 2021 is coming to an end. I wish for you to have a merry Christmas and start the New Year with His blessings. I heard that one keeps his heart youthful when he lives a life of gratitude although the appearance might get old. Thus, we shall always live a life of gratitude and gladness in Him.  

     Looking back on the past year, I would like to thank the Lord and all of our supporters with all my heart. By the grace of our Lord and prayers and support from all our supporters that we were able to come this far. I sincerely thank and bless each and every supporter who earnestly cared for us and has sent offering to us and give all the glory to God.

     I believed that a missionary must live and die in the mission field where he was sent to serve. However, after being alone, I thought that my life as an elderly person would be a burden to the people of the mission field. So after retirement, I wanted to live my life with people I wanted to live with as a next chapter of my life.  Not long ago, however, the Lord forced me to give up even that plan so when I reach the retirement age, I decided to retire as a missionary but continue to live in the mission field until the Lord calls me. I was very disappointed by the Lord who tried to interfere with the rest of my life plan so I struggled for many days. But once again, I gave into His plans and let His will be done in my life. 

     I always pray for this one thing that may the spirit of revival come through our mission field and touch the hearts of the people of the Black River. Please pray with me. 

(Dental service in the hospital mission ship)

1. Resuming of the hospital mission trip.
     As the coronavirus subsided, the revival conference were held in the villages of Ambauba and Sao Gregorio in the midstream of the Isana River from July 14 to 22. As we held the conference, we also offered a medical service with the Brazilian government health center medical team. 

     From August 22nd to 28th, I toured seven villages along the Rio XIE. This time, Elder Yoo Young-soo, an orthopedic specialist from Sao Paulo, and a military engineering doctor and a dentist accompanied me for the ministry.  

     From September 23rd to 30th, I toured several villages in the upper region of the Negro River. Military doctors and dentists stationed in a village called CUCUI joined us, and the medical team of Elder Yoo Young-soo and Brazilian government health center also served together. Through these three hospital missions, about 700 patients were provided with medical benefits. In addition, we donated magnifying glasses, offered a haircut service, a manicure service, a family photography service, a film screening of Jesus Christ, and evangelism. 

     I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Ahn Jung-tae, the elder Kim Seung-jin, and anonymous supporters for helping us financially for this mission trip to take place. I will attach next year’s hospital ship mission trip schedule file in this email. Please pray for the Lord to send us the necessary resources, doctors, nurses, dentists, volunteers, medicines, and medical equipment. Also pray for a missionary to come and oversee the hospital mission ship ministry and a church that will send and support this missionary. 

(Orthopedic surgeon elder Yoo)

2. Elder Yoo Youngsoo, an orthopedic surgeon from Sao Paulo
     Elder Yoo Young-soo is an orthopedic surgeon in his late 40s. His wife is an anesthesiologist. He participated in our hospital ship trip twice in August and September of this year. Twenty years ago, when he was an orthopedic resident, we invited him to come to Amazon and do short-term ministry together but he always just gave me a smile but did not come. However, this year, he came to Amazon twice and offered his medical service. If the bone is broken right away, the hospital will provide first aid. However, Elder Yoo Young-soo was heartbroken and impressed to see numerous patients who had broken bones and it was beyond repair because they could not get proper treatment in time. In addition, Elder Yoo is a professional fisherman, the best I have ever seen. He caught fish while traveling, giving great joy to the volunteers on the hospital ship. I want all our supporters to bless and pray for him and his family. 

(Me preaching at the Hawaii mission conference)

3. Hawaii Christ Methodist Missionary Competition. 
     From November 1st to 8th, I went to the missionary conference of Hawaii's Christ Methodist Church (Pastor Han Eui-joon). Hawaii Christ Methodist Church is the oldest overseas Korean church established by Korean immigrants who immigrated to Hawaii's sugar cane farm 118 years ago. We planned a missionary conference in early November 2020, but it was impossible with Covid-19, so we held a missionary conference from        November 1st to 8th this year. Unlike other states in the United States, the state government of Hawaii had many restrictions and rules about entering into the land of Hawaii. I needed to bring the vaccination card along with a negative covid test within 72 hours. Despite the stagnation of church gatherings and Hawaii's tourism industry due to Covid-19, we held a missionary conference thinking that this was the time that the Lord has allowed us to gather. The mission conference, which was held with a courage, passion and faith of the participants was very different from the conferences I have attended before. The heart of the pastor Han Eui-joon and the whole church was concentrated on the desire to expand the kingdom of God, and the sincerity was conveyed from the airport reception to the last worship service. The sincerity and hospitality that the pastor and the members of the church fired up my heart to commit myself more to God as a missionary. Hallelujah!

     I would like to thank pastor Han Eui Joon and all the conference participants for their hard work and dedication to prepare for the conference. I sincerely pray and hope that the flames of missionary work that began with Christ Methodist Church will be delivered to churches around the world. I pray that God uses Hawaii's Christ Methodist Church and establish it as the center of mission to bring up the stagnant Korean church again. No matter what the world is like, I hope that the gospel will take place all over the world, whether the church is persecuted or not. If any of the people reading my letter have plans to visit Hawaii, please visit Christ Methodist church in Hawaii for worship service.
     In addition, I would like to express my deep gratitude for the grace and love that the pastors and members of various churches who visited on their way to and from the missionary conference.

(Our seminarist checking on the fish farming project)

4. Fish farming and seminary self-reliance projects.
     In January this year, 350 fish were released into the seminary lake. It has grown to a kilo and a half in about a year. Brazilian missionary Sergio had an idea to divide the lake into a 100-meter-wide, 100-meter-long land release the fish separately. As I informed you in the previous mission letter, to pray for the success of agriculture, poultry, and fish farming projects. I hope that the seminary will become independent because we are going through financially difficult times to raise missionary expenses. Elder Lee Han-hoe, who is 84 years old, is working hard under the hot weather. If you have any experts in organic poultry, please introduce them to us and send them as a missionary to work with us.

(Elder Lee who is 84 years old)

5. Cross-shaped building: 
     Thanks to the prayers and help of various supporters, several constructions were completed. Basic electrical facilities, doors, and windows have been installed. We are exchanging e-mails with Pastor Oh Chung-hwan, who lives in Philadelphia, whom I met on the way back from the Hawaii Missionary Conference. I am asking for advice on internal construction. My wish is to finish the internal construction by July 2022 and invite guests who donated and helped us with the construction on the opening ceremony of the building. 

6. Normalize the seminary and replace the ministers. 

     On February 1 2022, we plan to invite all of our seminary students to the seminary to resume classes. In the meantime, the entrance of the dormitories has been changed. We eliminated the corridor and made direct entrance from outside for the male, female, and married couple dormitory. Starting at the end of this year, all the ministers who have been serving in the seminary will be sent to our branch church, and the massive movement of the ministers of the branch church entering the seminary will take place. It is to provide opportunities to grow up by experiencing new ministry within the mission field. Please pray that the replacement of the ministry and the normalization of the seminary in February next year will go well by the grace of the Lord.

Please pray for us

 1.  For Revival: In 2009, the Holy Spirit came to our seminary and caused a great repentance movement. "If my people, called by my name, leave their evil ways and lower themselves and pray for my face, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land." As the Word said, he confirmed it as a miracle that the mango berries, which had not been opened for decades, were opened. Our earnest wish is that the Lord will once again grant us a greater and stronger repentance movement. 

 2.  For Theological Independence Projects: As I said above, I think the only way is to do self-reliance missions as churches are gradually weakening and procuring missionary expenses is to do self-reliance missions. So I'm trying a lot of projects. If there is anyone around you who knows organic poultry technology well, please inform us and send him/her as a missionary to us. 

 3.  Please pray for my health.

 4.  I received an offer from the Brazilian government in early December last year to work on a social project together. Pray that social projects will be carried out through the seminary resources and work together with the government to spread the gospel and expend the kingdom of God. 

 5.  I am preaching online to various churches. It's a ministry that I can do without travelling from the mission site even when I have no choice but to offer non-face-to-face worship. Pray for the Lord to open the door and actively preach the gospel across the world.  

 6.  Please pray to send missionaries of pastors and others (doctors, experts in agriculture and each field) who are willing to sacrifice in the name of our Lord.

 7.  Please pray for the completion of the cross shaped building that is currently under construction and is estimated to  complete by July 2022. Also, please pray that our long-cherished wish that our seminary will be transformed into a university. 

 8.  I sincerely hope that my book and late missionary Rute’s books, "I'm the King of Pharisees” and “Until Christ Remains” would spark for repentance in the Korean Churches. In addition, I would like to donate these books to missionaries from all over the world, hospitals, prisons and rural churches. If you wish to contribute to these donations, please contact me.

 9.  Please pray for the documentary of Missionary Ruth to be made. 

 10.  Please pray for financial and medical resources for the Hospital mission ship Rute so that we can use it as a tool to spread the gospel and provide medical service to those who are in need. 

 11.  For my second book: I am writing a book under the theme of "Unity with Christ through humbled heart." I don't have much knowledge of Bible or writing skills and also, I have to type with one eye closed due to a double vision. I have a weak stamina so it's hard to sit at my desk for a long time, but I'm holding onto it. Pray for me.

 12.  Due to Covid-19, sponsoring churches and sponsors inevitably cut missionary expenses, reducing sponsorship. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the supporters who have sponsored us so far. 
Pray for the Lord to provide us with financial support for our mission field.      

Missionary Cheol Ki Kim,
December 2021.
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