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Since 1999, we have felt a great deal of spiritual thirst at the mission field. This spiritual thirst continued with a desire to pray for the revival of the Amazon region. So I said, "Lord, please bring revival to this place or take us, please use us as a spark of revival." Every day till dawn, I raised my voice and cried out. I kept praying even if my throat was damaged again and again. But after a week, a month, a year, nothing changed.

However, the Lord continued to fill my heart with desire to pray for revival. For a while, my wife and I prayed for the region, "Give us the spirit of revival," but instead, the Lord led us in repentance. Then the Lord gave us the spirit of repentance and revival but the fire of revival was not big enough to be passed on to others.

Will there ever be a revival? A month passed, years passed, and as another year passed, I became anxious. However, the Lord trained us to be patient and wait for His time. Revival came through a movement of repentance. A student named Esther, who was attending our seminary, experienced Holy Spirit while praying with missionary Huh woon seok. She confessed her hidden sins and Satan, the king of darkness, was furious under the light of the Lord and retaliated and threatened. But the Holy Spirit soon made her strong and bold. Through her confession, other female students came forward and confess their sins. This incident revealed the hidden sins of male students and they were not able to escape from confessing their sins.

Since the repentance movement took place, the seminary students held prayer meetings in the Chapel from 10:30 p.m. every evening, after the official schedule of the seminary ended. During the day, when they had time, they went into the jungle voluntarily to find a place to meet the Lord. The male students went to the right side and the female students went deep in the opposite direction. They vented their sins with all their voices in the jungle. The cry of prayer echoed through the jungle. In the jungle, all the animals held their breath and listened to the students' prayer.

At a prayer meeting every evening they made a public confession of their sins. Their eyes were
bloodshot and their throats hoarse because they shout out prayers in the jungle, but their faces were as pure as lambs.

After this repentance movement, the Lord gave all 60-seminary students experience the Holy Spirit. While the repentance movement continued, we invited our church members in downtown to the seminary Friday all-night service. I was afraid and excited about how the believers would react to the Holy Spirit’s presence that the seminary students have experienced so far. But a surprising thing happened. The church members experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit, having convulsions in their bodies and falling backwards, watching the prayers and praise poured out by 60 students. Then they began to experience the Holy Spirit and publicly confess their sins, as the students did. Unbelievers came to watch Friday's all-night service to see how powerful the Holy Spirit’s presence in our service. I gathered these unbelievers on one side of the seminary classroom, preached the gospel with the Evangelical Cube, and they accepted Christ as their Lord. Surprisingly, they, too, experienced the Holy Spirit that evening and publicly confessed their sins. 

The repentance movement initiated by the Holy Spirit was burned down from September to December 2009. After such a powerful repentance movement, mango trees and other fruits, which had never been held in the 15 years we lived in this city, were plentiful. "If my people, who are called by my name, leave their evil ways and lower themselves and pray for my face when I shut the heavens and do not rain or let grasshoppers eat the earth or cause the plague to spread among my people, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and fix their land."

Even now, the Lord is looking for Christians who repent in hopes of revival. I believe that God uses our repentance to repair our souls and change the land for His glory. 

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