The Amazon is a broad territory made up of thick rainforests, and an area inhabited by many different indigenous tribes. While spreading the Good News, the thought of Christ's second coming stirs excitement in the hearts of missionaries who work within the most remote parts of the world. Such an area also poses major challenges for the missionaries in their quest to share the Gospel to the people of Amazon.

It is currently estimated that about 260 indigenous tribes exist in Brazil. Of the 260, 140 tribes have yet to hear the Gospel. Of the remaining 140 tribes, 36 of them dissociate themselves with other tribes, and even more so with outsiders. The 36 isolated tribes continue to strictly observe the cultures and traditions of their ancestors, making it almost impossible to introduce the Gospel.

Another challenge missionaries face is reaching out to those who are spread apart within the deepest recesses of the rainforest.

The unbearable heat, hazardous terrain, and the presence of poisonous insects and animals are constant threats. Additionally, the Brazilian-Indian Office of FUNAI restricts missionaries from stepping foot into many of these areas.