A serious question lingered in his heart: How utterly torn apart is God's heart for the indigenous people of the Amazon River-Valley who live deep in the jungles? Those who do not have the benefits we have in modern society, born into a minority tribal group, living under poor health conditions, persecuted by Whites for 500 years, and most disheartening of all, to die without ever hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. A serious question like this demands a serious answer. So in March of 1991, he and his family left Korea and flew to Benjamin Constant, a village near Rio Solimoes located on the tri-border lines of Brazil, Peru, and Columbia. With the senior missionary, he started to teach and lecture at the seminary and also helped to construct a local church. Even then Missionary Kim was not fully content because his heart desperately longed to bring the Gospel to all unreached tribal groups of the Amazon River Valley.

After Missionary Kim finished off his sabbatical year in Korea, November of '94, God placed in his heart a special interest for the tribal groups of Sao Gabriel da Cochoeira. Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira is located near the upper streams of Rio Negro, which is one of the main rivers in the Amazon. It has the most tribal groups close in contact and compacted within one area. On February 1995, in the cold and without delay, Missionary Kim finally settled into his new home in Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira where he ministers to this day.

Missionary Kim has been working to share the Gospel to 17 different tribal groups who have never before heard of the Good News of Jesus Christ. He also decided to re-evangelize to nominal Christians who belonged to five other tribes. This was necessary, for members of these tribes began to manipulate and make additions to the teachings of Christianity.  

Throughout his ministry, Missionary Kim also worked to unite the indigenous tribal churches into one unified national church. Rev. Kim had much experience with such work as he had witnessed how the early churches in Korea came together in unity. With much effort, Convencao lareja Biblica Unida Indigena de Rio Negro was formed, an assembly specifically created to prevent denominational separation among the Indian believers by uniting all Christians in the area into one Body of Christ. Missionary Kim is exceptionally pleased with the fruits of his labor so far and hopes that through God's grace, his continuing efforts will reap similar success