The indigenous people who live in the Rio Negro exposed many of diseases and danger. Also acces to indigenous people in the Rio Negro, inclusive preach Gospel too. Medical Boat is able to gain access to the villages. Therefore, through the administration of medical help, and thus share the Gospel with the indigenous people in the Amazon.


Kim Cheol Ki and Huh Woon Seok missionaries began their ministry near the Rio Solimoes on March 1991. At the end of February 1995, they moved to São Gabriel da Cachoeira. Since then, until 2007, they traveled throughout the river on their speedboat, accompanied by Brazilian doctors and short-term mission teams from overseas, visiting the various surrounding villages. In 2004, Dr. Thomas Jang from New York contributed to the funding and building of a medical clinic that offers dental and medical help. In addition, Missionaries Kim and Huh prayed for a medical boat that would allow them to continue and further their medical ministry along the Rio Negro. After praying and waiting for 12 years, their prayers were answered. Through the generous donations and contributions from churches and supporters, along with their fervent prayers and tears, a 5-year old aluminum ship was purchased. The boat, 6 meters high and 21 meters long, allowed Missionaries Kim and Huh to begin their largely anticipated medical ministry. Since its purchase in 2007, the boat has helped the health and evangelism ministry increase.  From the end of 2007 until December 2008, the boat, named Missionária Rute, operated for 80 days. During these 80 days, 2,500 indigenous people who reside along the Rio Negro were able to receive the medical care that they desperately needed. In addition to medical care, all patients were exposed to the Gospel through the use of the “Evange Cube.”


Geographic necessity

The Medical Boat is able to reach areas that were previously hard to reach. Villages that are situated deeper in the jungle, further down the river have the opportunity to receive attention they once lacked. Further, travel is made easier for those who participate in the medical ministry. They are able to travel from one village to the next with comfort.
Lack of Health Care for the Indigenous People

Those who live in the Brazilian cities surrounding the indigenous villages are given medical benefits. Such is not the case for those who live in the villages. Two doctors are made responsible for an entire region of Alto Rio Negro of approximately 700 indigenous villages. Therefore, many natives have not been able to see the doctor or receive proper medication for their ailments. The medical boat is able to significantly help those who have been denied necessary health care.  

Cooperation with the Brazilian Government

Brazilians and foreigners alike are forbidden to enter the indigenous villages without permission. However, deep in the jungle, Brazilian authorities, such as the Brazilian health authority, FUNASA, cannot adequately provide medical treatment to the natives. They always want us to work with them in order to give medical service to the indigenous villages using our Medical Boat.

Ease of Evangelism

While the natives are waiting to be examined or receive treatment, the Gospel is shared with them. Seminary students from Missionary Kim’s seminary, using an effective tool known as the “Evange Cube” to present the Gospel message in a short and useful manner. Thus, everyone who wishes to receive medical treatment is exposed to the Gospel message at least once.

Medical Ministry

General doctor; dentist; Oriental medicine doctor; surgeon (for simple procedures); pharmacist; prevention, education and vaccination specialist

Evangelism Ministry

“Evange Cube” presentation; Jesus(-related) films; home visits; VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the children in the villages

Social Services Ministry

Health/prevention seminars; picture taking ministry (take and print a copy of family portraits for each family); retraining local leaders

Human Resources

Doctor; dentist; herbal/Oriental doctor; nurse; pharmacist; Portuguese translator; water engineers; someone to lead the medical boat

Material Resources

Food and fuel for travel purposes; gifts to present to each village (clothes, toys, Bibles, etc.)


The mission purpose for this ministry is based on the belief that “Jesus will return when the Gospel is presented to every tribe.” Reaching the indigenous villages deep with the Rio Negro and its jungles is one way of realizing this purpose. The Medical Boat will continue to travel along the Rio Negro, reaching out to those who have yet to be reached, until the second coming of Jesus.

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